Business Concierge and permits

Setting up your own business is exciting but understanding what permits your business may need can be overwhelming!

That’s why our free Business Concierge service is here to assist you in determining what permits are required from Council to start, setup or expand your business.

We encourage you to contact us as your first step, before you make any substantial investment or sign any lease agreements, because it is likely that you will need at least one permit from Council to set up and operate your business.

We're here to help

If you’re unsure about what permits may be required to set up your business:

Contact the concierge

How it works

Our Business Concierge wants to get your business set up and trading as soon as possible. The Business Concierge service provides businesses with a dedicated contact point at Council, to help you get the relevant permit information to navigate the regulatory requirements required to setup or grow your business:

  • that require multiple permits
  • from new business owners.

Our Business Concierge will get your application started by inviting you to meet and discuss your business proposal in detail with the relevant Council Departments who access permits. This meeting is known as the new business pre-application meeting and will outline all the information which will be required for any permit application you propose to lodge with Council.

Permits and legal requirements

There are a range of compliance steps to move through when starting a new business.
Depending on the type of business you’re starting, you may need one or more permits from Council.

Navigating lease agreements and land use

We recommend avoid signing lease agreements or purchasing properties for your business until you understand all of the relevant regulations and permits that apply, and most importantly that your business idea is not prohibited at the proposed site.

We can help you to identify the applicable planning scheme requirements and building regulations early, and this information will determine what can be done on the land and whether there will be additional costs associated with ensuring the premises is compliant. These considerations are important as sometimes they may result in the proposed site being financially nonviable and it helps you to avoid any potential headaches caused by finding this information after you have signed a lease or purchased a property.

Please ensure you read the property lease or purchase agreements carefully, and if you are unsure always seek professional legal advice.

Valuable resources include:

The business concierge service is brilliant. The service that Mathew provided, and his assistance was so valuable. I was concerned about making sure I was compliant in all areas of business and his knowledge was exceptional.”  - Megan Slattery, That Blonde Chick.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 8 February 2022