Request a Webstar’s Swim School membership suspension

If you’re planning on taking a break from swimming lessons at any time throughout the year, Webstar’s Swim School members can suspend their membership for up to four weeks per year in two or four week blocks.*

Requests can be submitted either at your local Swim Sport & Leisure centre, or by completing an online registration form.

Please note:

  • Online suspensions are for non-medical reasons only.
  • Medical suspensions are to be submitted in-centre as per terms and conditions.
  • A minimum of one (1) payment period’s notice is required. 

To get started with your suspension request, click on the centre where you are enrolled in lessons and enter your details. You will be contacted by our Learn to Swim team within 5 business days if we require further information to complete your suspension request.

Terms and conditions

  • You may suspend future lessons and direct debits for a reason other than illness or injury in blocks of two or four weeks.
  • Suspensions must not exceed a total of four weeks per year of membership (and no more than four weeks in any 12 month period under any membership for the student). Unused suspension allocation cannot be accumulated for use in the future, or transferred to another member.
  • To request a suspension, you must submit to reception staff a completed Suspension Form (available from reception at all Centres), or complete the online suspension request form. Verbal requests will not be accepted. A minimum of one payment period’s written notice is required. Suspensions cannot be backdated. A suspension request will not be accepted unless all payments for the student are up to date.
  • Access rights to all Centres will be suspended during the suspension period. Membership and direct debit payments will recommence on the return date specified on the suspension application form, and wherever possible we will place the student in the same class as before the suspension.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 31 August 2021