Webstar's Swim School online at home

We know this is a challenging time for everyone and while we can’t offer you our normal in-centre experience, we are excited to keep our students active and learning for free.

So while our doors are temporarily closed, we will be sharing heaps of free content for students to do at home, covering swimming and water safety classroom activities to help meet the Victorian Curriculum criteria, fun activities, quizzes, puzzles and so much more.

Water Safety @ Home

Our friends at Life Saving Victoria have prepared a bunch of fantastic classroom resources and activities for students to learn more about water safety that you can do, right from the comfort of your home. 

These interactive virtual resources to encourage the continuation of swimming and water safety education during the COVID-19 period, making it fun and engaging for upper primary and secondary school students to learn. 

These activities include:

  • Swimming and Water Safety Toolkit resources
  • CPR and First Aid for Kids @Home
  • Swimming @Home
  • Nippers @Home
  • Water Safety Watch & Learn video series

Access the WaterSafety @ Home.

Webstar’s Swim School activities

Our Webstar’s team also prepared a range of fun activities for our students to do while they’re learning from home, and to help break up time children spend learning and chilling on the couch! 

Land based drills

Our Learn to Swim team have been busy preparing a range of exercises you can do to help boost your swimming skills, while at home. You don't need a pool to do any of these land based drills. 

Jumping in

You will need some hoops or you could draw lines or circles on the ground.

  1. feet together, toes on the edge of the pretend pool (hoops or lines on the ground)
  2. bend your legs, count to 3, then jump into each hoop
  3. use one or multiple hoops, then start over again.

Family members can join in to make it more fun.

Make a race out of it by timing how long it takes to do 3 hoops or circles.

Freestyle arms

  1. in a standing position rotate your arms in a forward motion - your arms should move in a windmill-like motion
  2. reach and fully extend your arms
  3. as arms move forward they should be close to your head
  4. your hands should be in a cup position when scooping the air, with fingers together
  5. repeat over several times to improve arm strength and technique.

A mirror can be used to help children see their technique and correct if needed.

Backstroke arms

  1. in a standing position start with your windmill arms, fingers together with your hands in a cup position
  2. right arm goes straight up passing and touching your ear
  3. as the right arm goes down, the left arm goes up passing and touching your ear
  4. your arm should be in line with your shoulder
  5. your little finger should point down first with your palm facing outwards
  6. repeat over several times to improve arm strength and technique.

Blowing bubbles

You will need a straw, ping-pong balls and a large bowl or dish. This is a fun game for families to play together.

  1. start with blowing the balls from one side to the other, first one to the end wins
  2. then using a straw to blow the ball to the other side.

This is a great game for smaller children to practice their breathing drills.

Survival back kick

  1. sit in an upright position on the edge of a couch, chair or bed with a solid bottom
  2. hang your legs over the couch, heels should touch the back of the couch
  3. turn your feet outwards
  4. move the back of your heels along the couch moving outwards
  5. hook your feet in a circular motion, bring feet forward and snap together
  6. wait three seconds and repeat.

Kicking front and back

  1. lay down on your stomach or back in a straight body line position
  2. your arms can be beside you or out in front of you in a torpedo position
  3. keep your legs straight with toes pointed
  4. moving your legs up and down, keeping your legs straight - try to avoid bending the knees
  5. move slower to start then increase the kick once you have the correct technique.

Gymnastics at Home

While our doors are temporarily closed, we’re excited to share a range of at-home gymnastics  workouts, designed specifically for children and adults looking for something different.

Join the qualified team from BASC, who have put together a great range of fun and easy-to-do gymnastics activities, which you can do at home with your family.

Learn how to perform an arabesque or move your muscles when doing a tuck jump.

Royal Life Saving Australia kids activities

Water safety education is a key element in developing water wise children who have the knowledge and understanding of the dangers of aquatic environments and activities.

Royal Life Saving has developed lots of fun and engaging activity sheets and apps to learn about water safety.

Download printable activity sheets via the Royal Life Saving Australia Kids Zone, where you can get access to: 

  • Colour in sheets
  • Crosswords
  • Mazes
  • Word scrambles and missing words 
  • Find a Words
  • Dot to dot 
  • Other water safety related activities 

You can also get access to a fantastic range of digital learning tools, taking students' online learning to the next level. 

Page last updated: Tuesday, 31 August 2021