Meet our team

The Swim Sport & Leisure team are qualified professionals who are dedicated and passionate about helping our community reach their fitness goals. 
Danny Russell
Gym Coordinator

I’ll never give you something I haven’t done myself.

For those who don’t know Danny from Leisurelink, this smiling assassin is large on life and not only works as the Gym Team Leader at Leisurelink, he runs the Motivate30 program and is heavily involved in CrossFit.

Danny is passionate about the fitness industry. Starting at a young age following his love of sport, Danny has continued to work in the industry for his entire career, demonstrating his knowledge and expertise everywhere he goes. 

While he may have a soft side for corn chips and guacamole, Danny continues to motivate and inspire both himself and those around him, with his infectious smile and enthusiasm. Danny’s top fitness tip is consistent training will get far better results long term.

Laura Bridgman
Gym Instructor

I wanted work that didn’t feel like work.


Introducing Laura Bridgman, Gym Instructor at Leisurelink and Splashdown. Laura has been working out at various gyms since she was 15 years old and always wanted a career in fitness. Having a background in dance and group exercise gives Laura the drive to lead Motivate30 classes, while pumping out cool 90’s tunes.

A lover of red wine and cheese, Laura enjoys watching Squid Games and Big Bang Theory in her spare time, in between training five to six days a week and being a busy mum.

You’ll never regret attending a workout with Laura, so be sure to pop on into Leisurelink and Splashdown and join one of her Motivate classes. 

Tim Bentley
Group Exercise Instructor

Find an activity that you enjoy and be consistent.

Meet Tim, a jack of all trades who lives and breathes group exercise, gym and the LiveWell program at Leisurelink, Splashdown and Waterworld.

Tim has extensive experience in fitness, having worked as a teacher early in his career, then moving into the fitness industry as an Instructor.

Having worked with a variety of age groups throughout his career, Tim’s passion is helping older adults continue their fitness journey by leading the LiveWell program.

Tim also loves a good documentary and enjoys learning new dance styles, in between a chocolate protein shake and a good strength workout in the gym or cycling session. Tim appreciates good health and takes on the motto:

There’s always someone worse off than you.

Katrina Hanan
Group Exercise Instructor

I love to learn and have fun teaching.

Introducing Katrina Hanan, a two-time gold medallist in Masters Olympic Weightlifting. After having children, Katrina became a gym junkie and her passion soon turned into a career in the fitness industry.

Passionate about helping people achieve their goals, Katrina loves to learn more about fitness and enjoys teaching her clients. Katrina works as a Gym Instructor, Group Exercise Instructor and LiveWell Instructor at Leisurelink and believes resistance training is the key to transforming your body composition, strengthening your bones and to minimise muscle loss as we age.

Katrina loves a plant-based protein shake while rocking out to a range of classic 70’s hits and working out two to three days a week.

Dylan McInnes
Gym Instructor

Make sure you have a laugh and enjoy the process!

Meet Dylan, Gym Instructor at Leisurelink, Splashdown and BASC. Having worked in professional and semi-professional sport for the past seven years, Dylan enjoys the physical preparation aspect of sport and was passionate about this from a young age.

Whilst Dylan has worked within the Strength and Conditioning field with elite athletes, he loves just as much having a positive impact on members here within the Swim Sport & Leisure network. "It is rewarding when you can facilitate positive outcomes for members, no matter what their goals are! It's even better when they walk out of the gym with a smile on their face."

A lover of golf, basketball and football, Dylan trains 5-6 times per week himself and is passionate about winning 25 word or less competitions!

Carolin Neave
Group Exercise Instructor

After my first Les Mills ® Body Attack class six years ago, I was hooked!

Originally from Germany, Carolin has lived and travelled the world and now calls Australia home. Not only is Carolin new to Waterworld, she’s enthusiastic and motivated and ready to give you the best Body Attack experience.

After attending a Body Attack class six years ago at BASC, Carolin decided to pursue a certification in fitness, and that’s where it all began. While Carolin loves watching Schitt’s Creek on Netflix, getting up early and doing some exercise is her motivation to leading a healthy lifestyle.

So, if you’re wondering whether Body Attack is for you, Carolin’s hot tip is to give it a go, don’t be scared to try something new and don’t give up – everyone has to start somewhere.

Chloe Haines
Group Exercise Instructor

A love of dance fitness and plant-based goodness!

Meet Chloe, a jack of all fitness trades at Waterworld. Chloe is qualified to teach a range of group exercises, but her passion is dance fitness:

You can burn a tonne of calories without even realising it!

Chloe is a big believer in setting a schedule to reach your fitness goals and recommends adding in variety into your workouts. You’ll often find Chloe sneaking onto the gym floor in between classes and she tries to stick to a plant-based diet with lots of veggies and greens to give her the energy she needs to keep on dancing! Join Chloe for Zumba Gold at Waterworld each Wednesday and get your groove on.

Gemma Lowman
Group Exercise Instructor

The first Australian to swim the English Channel in 10 years!

Introducing Gemma Lowman, our new group fitness instructor who uses her background in professional marathon swimming to encourage and push class participants!

You’ll see Gemma teaching RPM at Waterworld, BodyPump at BASC and Leisurelink, and Crank at Splashdown. Not only will you get out what you put in during Gemma’s classes, you’ll have fun with good tunes (Gemma’s favourite - Heartbeat Loud by Andy C & Fiora), which supports you through to the final track.

Page last updated: Thursday, 20 January 2022