Watch Around Water program

To help address the concern regarding the supervision of children at public aquatic facilities, all of our Swim Sport and Leisure aquatic facilities have implemented the Watch Around Water program.

This program has been developed by Aquatics & Recreation Victoria and Life Saving Victoria to educate the public about adequate supervision and to encourage parent/guardians to take on this responsibility when visiting a public aquatic facility. 

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Children need supervision! Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death in children under five years of age and almost half of all injuries recorded at public swimming pools involves children. Watch Around Water assists aquatic staff to promote safe supervision practices and provide a safe venue for the community to participate in sport and recreation.

Please observe and follow the Watch Around Water policies below when visiting a Swim Sport & Leisure Centre:

Children under 5 years

  • Must be accompanied into the centre by a responsible parent or guardian, aged 16 years or older. 
  • Must be constantly supervised by a responsible parent/guardian while in the aquatic area of the centre.
  • Adequate supervision requires the parent/guardian to accompany the child in the water and remain within arm's reach of the child at all times.

Children 5 to 9 years

  • Must be accompanied into the centre and actively supervised by a responsible parent or guardian over the age of 16. The parent/guardian must adhere to all conditions of entry.
  • The parent/guardian must position themselves to have a clear view of the child with no physical or structural barriers between them and the child.
  • Children must wear a yellow wristband issued from reception staff to help identify their age while swimming.

Children 10 years and older

  • Parents or guardians must use their knowledge of the child's swimming ability to determine the level of accompaniment required.

Need to know more...

For further information about the Watch Around Water program, please visit the Life Saving Victoria website (and come back to us!).

Page last updated: Thursday, 23 June 2022