Special rate and charge schemes - feedback

Local knowledge held by residents is an invaluable tool when providing infrastructure to meet the needs of a community. 

In addition to individual views on proceeding or not-proceeding with further investigation, feedback related to the following areas assists in designing streetscapes that meet community needs.

Footpath surveys

  • Local feature constraints such as street trees close to property boundary
  • Pedestrian / Cyclist usage of street that may require consideration of a shared user path (there is no additional cost to property owners for a shared user path)

Roads construction surveys

  • Type of drainage wanted – kerb and channel, concrete edge strip, retain table drains
  • Narrow road or standard residential street width
  • Traffic Slow points, kerb outstands, speed humps, curve-linear road (see Peers Crescent, Ocean Grove), splitter islands at intersections.

Kerb and channel surveys

  • Hydraulic grades required to make the project work will be the major influence for kerb and channel design. Suggestions of other road construction issues that may be able to be addressed within the street being surveyed, suggestions need to be limited to the area being surveyed.

When you receive a survey...

Some residents may be upset at the possibility of having to pay for infrastructure to be provided for their benefit or, are not interested in the works being undertaken.  Your comments and suggestions are welcome and we shall make every endeavour to incorporate them into future infrastructure planning.

It is requested that those in receipt of a survey carefully read all provided documentation and return the survey filled out in accordance with instructions.

We accept petitions both for and against a project as part of forming a representative understanding of the community’s views, however individual response property surveys are the most accurate measure of resident’s requirements for their street. On this basis we strongly encourage all property owners to return the survey form regardless of their views.

All responses received in the survey are protected by the Privacy Act and we use them solely for the purposes of administering the proposal.

Where you are still unsure of what is being proposed, our staff will assist as best they can in explaining the proposal and process for you.  Phone or personal contact with our staff is welcome but please still return the survey form, as all responses are registered to assist in future planning.

Fill in the feedback form below with your questions. 

Be sure to tell us:

  1. what project your are referring to
  2. your contact phone number (we may need further information)

Survey results

We will notify all property owners of our decision in relation to a scheme, based on the results of the survey.


You may have signed a petition for or against a proposed scheme. The petition is analysed separately - we still need you to complete our survey to help us with our analysis of the scheme.

Page last updated: Monday, 15 November 2021