Special rates and charge schemes - payments

If a scheme proceeds, owners are liable for their share of the costs.

An account for the estimated cost of roads and drainage works is sent out early in the phase of construction.

Smaller schemes such as minor footpath or kerb and channel costs are invoiced on completion of the works.

Payment option form

Once works commence property owners will be sent a form explaining the four standard payment options.

Schemes can be paid:

  • Interest free
    • In full within 28 days or
    • In full in two quarterly instalments over six months
  • With interest (after first two instalments)
    • In eight quarterly instalments over two years
    • In 20 quarterly instalments over 5 years

Interest will not be charged for the first two instalments provided you adhere to your chosen repayment plan. After the first two quarterly instalments interest will be charged monthly on the remaining balance. The interest rate will vary in line with our borrowing rate. If you don’t adhere to your chosen repayment plan interest will be charged.

Payment methods

In addition to online payment, there are other ways you can pay your special rates and charge scheme account:

Financial hardship

We recognise that there may be instances when owners and retirees on a pension may find themselves in difficult financial circumstances. Property owners may approach our Finance Department with the view to arranging a payment schedule which suits their individual circumstances.

Page last updated: Monday, 22 November 2021