Special rate and charge schemes

We may use Special Rate and Charge (SRC) schemes to provide a range of infrastructure.

The rate or charge is levied on the property owners who receive benefit from the works or services.

A special rate or charge may be applied (but is not limited) to the following:

  • road works
  • easement drainage
  • main drainage
  • kerb and channel
  • footpaths
  • traffic management schemes
  • landscaping
  • recreational facilities
  • special events and promotions
  • marketing, promotion and business development

Many requests for infrastructure or services arise due to development and the need for modern day standard infrastructure in order to maintain reasonable levels of health, safety and amenity.

Where requests come from...

Requests for footpath and road construction works are generally requested by residents and other members of the public who travel that street.

Due to the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), we don't provide the details of those requesting the work to other members of the public.

When sending letters to residents, we will advise when we are solely responsible for initiating the proposal.

Where a scheme receives a reasonable level of support through surveys and feedback received, future planning and budget allocation will be planned for work that has been requested.

Retirees and pensioners

The provision of these facilities enables the elderly to remain independent and active within their local community for longer.

With current demographics tending towards retirees moving to and living in areas with limited infrastructure to support their needs, a greater emphasis is required to be placed on the provision of the infrastructure in these communities.

Your rates and valuations

Your rates do not cover the construction of new roads, drains or footpaths abutting private property.

Undertaking these works does not necessarily mean that your rates will rise.

Vehicle crossovers

Construction of the driveway between the property and road is the responsibility of property owners. A vehicle crossing permit is obtained from our Customer Service Centres for this work.

However, we can arrange for the driveway to be constructed on behalf of the owner at the time of the street construction on agreement of the cost of the works.

Speeding and hoon activity

We support the design and construction of community friendly residential streets. Speed humps and other traffic calming treatments may be used to reduce the speed of vehicles, discourage hoon activity and improve pedestrian amenity.

Where possible, we construct adjoining unsealed roads at the same time to reduce the attraction for vehicles to any one route.

Contact the Hoon hotline to report this type of unsocial behaviour.

Page last updated: Friday, 13 August 2021