MOTIVATE30 - small group training

30 minute small group training sessions on the gym floor. Our qualified Gym Trainers will motivate you to challenge yourself, and reach goals, 30 minutes at a time.

These sessions are free and exclusive to members only. 

More information:

  • Anyone 12+ years can participate
  • Please bring towel and water bottle
  • Prior to class commencement, please inform the instructor if you are new to class, pre/post natal or returning from injury, illness or absence.

Not a member yet? Chat to our friendly staff at reception to join us today!

Class descriptions


These AMRAP’s (As Many Rounds As Possible) have you working against the clock to complete the circuit as many times you can.


For people at any fitness level from beginners to advanced. Work on your form, learn variations and progression. Work hard on the barbell exercises like squats, dead lifts, and bench press.


Bodyweight exercises are strength training exercises that do not require weights; the participant’s weight provides the resistance for movement.


Using boxing gloves and focus mitts, boxing sessions are designed to work on your cardiovascular fitness in a safe environment, using correct technique. No boxing experience necessary! All participants must wear glover inserts (available for purchase at reception).


Increase your abdominal strength and tone your abs. Develop your core strength and power to ensure efficient and effective power transfer.


A mixture of free weights, fitballs, bosu balls and medicine ball work. All set up in a circuit to challenge strength, core stability, balance and improve muscle tone.


High Intensity Interval Training consists of intense bursts of exercise, followed by short active recovery periods. Designed to burn more fat in a short period of time.


Kettlebell sessions use functional compound
exercises working multiple muscle groups simultaneously, developing strength and muscular endurance.


A low impact session designed to improve flexibility and relieve muscle tension. Learn new mobility drills, stretches and foam roller technique.


Improve your running and general cardio fitness,
available at Waterworld and Splashdown only.


Tabata training is a high intensity interval training formula that will get your heart pumping, with periods of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest.


Available to members aged 12- 16 years. A great opportunity to improve fitness and strength using a variety of fun and innovative exercises. Teens will build the confidence to use equipment on the gym floor with the safe guidance from our friendly gym instructor.


These compound bodyweight resistance
exercises using straps that will develop strength,
balance, flexibility, and joint stability simultaneously.

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