Why do we need to be a smart city?

A 'smart' Greater Geelong will harness data and insight to keep track of the health of our city, and the needs of our citizens. In the face of rapid societal, environmental and technological changes, we will be considered, proactive and prepared for our future.

Greater Geelong is experiencing record rates of population growth. By 2036, our population is expected to increase to 387,900 – an annual growth rate of 2.5 percent. At the same time, we’re facing a number of significant environmental challenges, many of which are related to global climate change. To manage these challenges effectively, we need new ideas and solutions.

Smart technology is helping us understand and respond to these challenges at the local level. Using our network of sensors (Internet of Things), we are able to ‘switch on’ objects in our physical and natural environment so they can draw valuable information. These insights will help us to use resources in a smarter, more sustainable way, safe-guarding the liveability and prosperity of our region.

Here are some of the ways we harness data to improve services and outcomes:

  • pedestrian sensors help us understand foot traffic and the utilisation of public spaces and community services to enable data-driven planning decisions.
  • soil sensors in our parks and gardens enable better water management, greener public spaces and enhanced biodiversity.

Learn more about the City's Internet of Things network.

Page last updated: Monday, 4 April 2022