Smart Nodes

In November 2019 eight smart street poles (smart nodes) were installed along the Geelong Waterfront to replace outdated, cluttered and disconnected infrastructure.

The Smart Nodes currently offer;

  • Free public WiFi – providing internet access to residents and visitors;
  • Smart controlled LED lights - energy efficient and cost effective;
  • USB charge facilities – enabling people to stay connected;
  • Plug-in power and high - speed internet access - for major events;
  • CCTV - for improved community safety;
  • Pedestrian sensors - for evidence-based public space planning; and
  • Public address system – to reach people with need-to-know information.

Their innovative and modular design reduces streetscape clutter by concealing the technology within the pole. If the City’s technology and data needs change over time, we can easily upgrade without adding visual clutter.

Clever Creative Outcomes

Page last updated: Tuesday, 27 October 2020