Smart Nodes

In November 2019 eight smart street poles (SMART.NODEs) were installed along the Geelong Waterfront to replace outdated, cluttered and disconnected street poles.
City Problem Solution Key Benefits
Unattractive, cluttered infrastructure The innovative design of the SMART.NODEs ensure they blend in rather than stand out. The technology is housed within the pole to maintain our attractive public spaces. Technology devices are safely housed within the pole.

Improved safety and management of technology assets

Reduced visual clutter and a more attractive Waterfront.
Disjointed and outdated technology The technology within the pole is fully customisable and can easily be changed or added to, as our City continues to grow and adapt. Improved management of technology in our public spaces.

Reduction in energy consumption.

Improved technology redundancy.
Minimal or poor quality data Information collected via the SMART.NODEs™ is available on the open data platform, Geelong Data Exchange. More evidence-based decisions and better-informed policies

Clever Creative Outcomes

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