Social infrastructure is the fabric of our community. It refers to the places and spaces that bring us together; where we make friends, stay active, learn new skills and access important services.
"For many of us, these places are like our second home."

The Social Infrastructure Plan will outline the needs of our community, investment priorities relating to social infrastructure, and the way forward to ensure that people know what is planned in the place that they live.

The plan comprises 13 individual Social Infrastructure Network Reports and is intended to provide Council and the community with a single, simpler and more integrated strategic summary of Council’s investment priorities over the next 1-3 years.

The plan will be closely monitored and updated each year in line with the realisation of transformational elements identified in the document and as our understanding of social infrastructure continues to mature and grow.

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The plan

Social Infrastructure Plan
Generation One 2020-2023 (PDF - 90mb)

Social Infrastructure network reports