Social Infrastructure Plan 2014-2031 review

We have 500 plus social infrastructure buildings worth over $250 million for the community to access. 

These buildings offer a range of services and activities and include:

  • kindergartens
  • indoor sports centres
  • children’s centres
  • sports pavilions
  • aquatic centres
  • libraries
  • senior citizens
  • halls
  • meeting spaces
  • neighborhood houses
  • parks and playgrounds.

In 2014, we developed a Social Infrastructure Plan 2014-2031 (SIP) to provide Council with an integrated fifteen year blueprint for the planning, investment and delivery of social infrastructure, that could respond to and meet the needs of a growing and changing community. In June 2017 Council resolved to review the plan and undertake a broad community consultation process.


After a twelve month engagement process over two phases, consultation on the review of the plan has now been completed. We have gained valued insights into what people think about the planning framework underpinning the plan, what places and spaces people feel they can’t access easily and why, along with peoples thoughts on how we can make fair and informed decisions.

The response was great and we thank all who participated. In the new year, we’ll be back to you with a summary of the findings and a revised draft plan. However below is a snapshot of the engagement statistics

Phase 2 - communications and engagement

Survey responses: 1,068
Individuals 975
Community groups 93
Social reach: 53,723
Facebook 36,191
Instragram 15,545
Twitter 1,987
Online map comments: 349
Community group meetings - representing over 2,000 members: 25
Webpage views: 2,517
Online comments: 318
Organisations represented in a workshop: 40

What comes next...

With the engagement completed we are now collating all the findings to produce a summary of the results. These engagement results together with research and evidence will inform the development of a policy and revised plan. The policy will provide a framework for future decision making about social infrastructure and the plan will provide updated information about community needs and priorities.

The summary of the findings will be available early in the new year and a draft revised plan will be made available mid 2019, where the community will have a further opportunity to provide comments.

Need to know more...

Any questions on the SIP review can be directed to the Social Planning and Investment team on 03 5272 5272.

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Page last updated: Tuesday, 2 April 2019