Asset Protection Permits

An Asset Protection Permit is required prior to any building works being undertaken to ensure no damage occurs to our infrastructure.

It is the owner's and/or builder’s responsibility to ensure that our infrastructure assets are protected and not damaged as a result of any demolition or building construction works on the site.

This permit enables owners and/or builders to transport building materials and equipment across our assets.

Our infrastructure assets include anything outside the property boundary such as:

  • vehicle crossings
  • footpaths
  • naturestrips
  • drains and pits
  • kerb and channel
  • signs etc.

An Asset Protection Permit will protect the owner of the site against paying for damage to our assets that existed prior to the commencement of the building works.

Building works

An Asset Protection Permit is required for any building works, including:

  • demolition works
  • building relocations/house removal
  • works requiring heavy plant and equipment for transport and/or construction purposes
  • major renovations and additions to existing dwellings and buildings
  • any works where building costs exceed the nominated minimum amount of $20,000
  • all new building/construction works including:
    • commercial and major developments
    • concrete and fibreglass swimming pools
    • shops and offices
    • dwellings
    • unit developments.


An Asset Protection Permit must be obtained a minimum of 3-4 weeks prior to the commencement of any works to enable our Works Inspectors to undertake the inspection and for the owner and/or builder to receive a copy of the permit.

Damaged assets

If you believe that the Asset Protection Permit did not cover all of the pre-existing damage, you must contact our office on 03 5272 4426 and arrange for an on-site inspection with our Works Inspectors prior to commencing any works.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 4 July 2023