School entry immunisation certificates

Your child's immunisation history is detailed in a school entry immunisation certificate.

This certificate is required whenever you enrol your child at a school, whether it is the first time at school or when your child is changing schools.

School entry immunisation certificate can now be obtained from your local Medicare office.

Once your child receives their 4-year-old immunisations and is fully immunised, you will automatically receive (by post) a statement from the Australian Immunisation Register.

This statement can be used to enrol your child in school.

If your child is under 14 years and has been immunised in Australia, contact the Medicare office to request immunisation history statement.

Alternatively you can;

  • print a copy of your child's Immunisation History Statement from your myGov account.
  • email the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) at [email protected]
  • call the AIR on 1800 653 809

If your child is over 14 years: a school entry certificate is not normally required and is not provided to secondary school students. If further information is required, you will need to provide your parent held records or contact local GP or immunisation provider.

For more information on how to obtain a school entry immunisation certificate call 1800 653 809 or view more information online.

Changing your address

It is important that the Australian Immunisation Register has your current address details so that you receive this statement.

Call 1800 653 809 to update your address details with the Register.

Page last updated: Thursday, 28 May 2020