Scarf Festival 2017 winners announced

Wednesday, 14 June 2017 2:19 PM

Congratulations to this year's winners and all entrants for supporting Scarf Festival at the National Wool Museum.

Galaxies: a textile journey to infinity and beyond was judged by Catriona Rowntree, Presenter and Travel Reporter, Richard Ferguson, Executive Director, Craft Victoria and Dr Tanya Hill, Planetarium Manager and Senior Curator – Astronomy, Melbourne Planetarium at Scienceworks.

Scarf of the Year: Trappist - 1, Karina Irvine
Primary School
Winner: Into the Deep Blue, St Anthony of Padua Primary School Knitting Club
Highly Commended: Milky Way, Holly Miriams
Secondary School
Winner: Drifting to the Moon, Emily Aherne
Highly Commended: Moon Beam, Surina Jogi
100% Wool
Winner: Sun Rays, Galina Burgess
Highly Commended: Moonwalk, Jo Bagge
Winner: Delicate Skies, Bernie Westmoreland
Highly Commended: Universal Insight, Maryanne Noonan
Winner: Trappist - 1, Karina Irvine
Highly Commended: In this, the Planet Europa, Beverly Cox
Winner: Cosmic Rays dropping through a Night Sky, Sheila Kempson
Highly Commended: Flying Saucers, Margaret Banks
Winner: Galaxies of My Mind, Kim Doherty
Highly Commended: To Infinity and Home Again, Sarah Spencer
Winner: Spiral Galaxy, Lis Mertens
Highly Commended: A Star is Born, Michael Bertoli
Winner: Karen Scarf, Pa Neh Htoo
Highly Commended: The Dr. Hunting Daleks, Barbara Roe Hebb
Winner: Infinite Re:use, Freya Creighton-See
Highly Commended: Purple Planets, Linda Balding
Winner: ‘Other’, Miranda Brett
Highly Commended: Light up the Night, Naomi Sprigg

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