Scarf Festival Conditions of Entry

Scarf makers should make themselves aware of the Scarf Festival© 2018 conditions of entry prior to entering online. You can also access entry forms on this page.

Please note:

  • entry for scarf makers opens on 1 February 2018
  • a reference number is only required to be attached to the scarf when the entry form has been submitted online.

Enter your scarf online 

A hard copy application option is also available. 


For the Scarf Festival© a scarf is defined as an item that can be draped and worn around the shoulders.

All scarves accompanied by completed paperwork are eligible for display as part of the Scarf Festival©2018 exhibition. Scarves should have been made expressly for the Scarf Festival©2018.

Scarves can be made from any materials and using any techniques and processes – there are no set requirements.

To be eligible for an award a scarf must have been designed and made by an individual who is registered as the entrant. Group entries where more than one person has contributed to a scarf are also acceptable but details of all members of the group must be included with the entry and only one award amount per group entry is payable.

Limit: one scarf per entrant, per category

Each artist can enter one scarf per category (with the exception of collaborated entries)

For example: one artist can enter a scarf in the ‘Felted’ category.

You can also enter another scarf in the ‘Felted’ category in collaboration with another artist, both artists details must appear clearly on the entry form)

The entry category must be selected by the entrant on the Scarf Information Form.

No National Wool Museum employees or their direct family members are eligible for an award.

No judge or their direct family members are eligible for an award.

Period of loan

The Entry Form is a binding loan agreement between the entrant and the National Wool Museum for the purpose of display and possible sale of entered scarf or scarves as part of the Scarf Festival©2018 exhibition.

The period of the loan covers the time in which the National Wool Museum is in possession of the scarf or scarves entered during the dates of the Scarf Festival© 2018.

Damage, theft or loss

The National Wool Museum will maintain adequate insurance against the loss, damage or destruction of the scarf or scarves entered in the Scarf Festival© 2018 exhibition while the scarf or scarves are in the possession of the National Wool Museum.

If a scarf is damaged, stolen or lost while in the possession of the National Wool Museum, the National Wool Museum is liable to pay the entrant the retail price stated on the relevant Tax Invoice submitted with the Entry Form.

The National Wool Museum takes no responsibility for any items lost or damaged in the post.

Delivery and collection of scarves

The entrant is responsible for arranging the delivery of scarves entered in the Scarf Festival© 2018 exhibition.

The National Wool Museum will coordinate the return of any scarves uncollected or unsold by the date advised. Any scarves unable to be returned to their owners will remain the property of the National Wool Museum. 

If your scarf is for sale:

  • At the close of the exhibition you will be notified by email or letter if your scarf has sold.
  • If your scarf has sold you will be paid by cheque, this will take a minimum of four regular working weeks and the payment cheque will be mailed by Australia Post to the address supplied on your Entry Form.

If your scarf is not for sale or has not sold:

  • All scarves will be returned via Australia Post (registration and insurance not included).
  • No scarves will be available to collect in person; please do not attempt to pick up your scarf after the festival ends.
  • Group and school entries: please contact NWM staff to arrange delivery and returns.

Retail price

The National Wool Museum will offer each scarf entered in the Scarf Festival©2018 exhibition for sale at the price specified on the Tax Invoice submitted with the Entry Form.

In order to sell your scarf a Tax Invoice must accompany each entry. If the Tax Invoice form is not fully completed and the GST Declaration signed, the scarf can not be offered for sale. This information remains confidential and will not be passed on to any other organisation, body or individual.

No commission on any scarf sales will be taken by the National Wool Museum.

Marketing and promotion of scarves

The National Wool Museum reserves the right to photograph entrant’s scarves and use these images for marketing, media and promotional purposes of the Scarf Festival©.

The Museum may also use the artists’ statements provided by the entrants for promotional purposes in the media.


Should any dispute arise concerning any matter relating to an entry in the Scarf Festival© exhibition it shall be referred for arbitration, one arbitrator appointed by each party.

In the event of the arbitrators disagreeing, the dispute will be referred to an umpire mutually appointed by the arbitrators.

During the arbitration process no further action or suit will be brought on by any party until an award has first been obtained by the arbitrators or umpire.

Entry forms

You can:

Enter your scarf online now 

Or download and complete the document below.

Please note: entry for scarf makers opens on 1 February 2018.

Page last updated: Wednesday, 7 March 2018