New representatives for rural and peri-urban communities

Thursday, 12 August 2021

Rural communities within in the City of Greater Geelong will receive new representation, after five independent community members received endorsement for membership for our Rural and Peri Urban Advisory Committee.

The five community members include a livestock producer from St Leonards, a recently retired veterinarian and biosecurity expert, the President of the Australian Livestock Saleyards Association, a large-scale farmer, and a representative with extensive experience in environmental and community engagement.

The new members who have been appointed for a period of two years include:

  • Fiona Conroy: manager of a grazing operation on the Bellarine Peninsula, former member of the Geelong Saleyards User Group, and Secretary of the Bellarine Branch of the Victorian Farmers Federation.
  • Michael Nunn: Bannockburn resident and veterinarian with clinical, laboratory, research and policy experience in animal health and biosecurity in Australia, Africa, South-East Asia and the Pacific Islands.
  • Stuart McLean: President of the Australian Livestock Saleyards Association with more than 50 years’ experience as a primary producer. Awarded an OAM in 2017.
  • Eric Sharkey: Balliang East resident who’s a board member of the AgriCollective and active in two local Landcare groups and the CFA.
  • Madeline Glynn: Member of numerous environmental organisations and agencies, including the G21 Environment Pillar and the Australian Coastal Society with experience in land management, fisheries and coastal management, wildlife management, emergency response, policy and project planning.

The committee was established in 2018 and also includes Rural and Coastal Portfolio Chair, Councillor Jim Mason, together with representatives from the G21 Councils, Agriculture Victoria, and City of Greater Geelong officers.

Councillor Stephanie Asher - Mayor

New members will provide a voice for their communities and give advice on issues such as biosecurity, agriculture, land management and the transition of saleyard services.

These community members bring a wealth of knowledge, extensive networks, links to industry, and experience in fields such as biosecurity, farm management, livestock production, agriculture, environment and land management.

The committee provides a valuable link between local government and rural and peri-urban communities as we work through the challenges and opportunities such as land management, biosecurity, information sharing, and solutions to support the exchange of livestock.

Councillor Jim Mason - Rural and Peri Urban Chair

I want to acknowledge founding members Geoff McFarlane and Joan Lindros who made significant contributions to landcare management, heritage and their work to protect the interests of rural communities more generally.

While the Geelong region is growing rapidly, we can’t forget that many of our residents still live in rural areas. It’s vital we get feedback from the whole spectrum of people involved in agriculture, including small landowners who might not identify as farmers, but do have livestock.

Page last updated: Monday, 11 October 2021