About the Geelong Saleyards

The early Geelong Town Corporation bought land for the saleyards in 1867 and opened the facility in 1869. It operated as a livestock exchange until August 2017.

Permanent closure 31 August 2017

The Geelong Saleyards permanently closed to the sale of sheep and cattle on 31 August 2017.

The poultry sales ceased 30 July 2018 

The city will work with representatives of the livestock transport industry to determine the future of the facility’s truck wash.

The City will also engage with the community to develop a strategy that recognises the history of the 150-year-old Geelong Saleyards.

Following the permanent closure of the Geelong Saleyards to the sale of sheep and cattle the City commenced preparation of a draft Geelong Saleyards Precinct Plan in consultation with stakeholders. The plan will provide strategic direction for the future land use of the site. The City is committed to ensuring the community and stakeholders provide input into the plan for the future use of the site.

Temporary closure 2016-2017

On 22 August 2016 the City's Administrators ordered the temporary closure of the Geelong Saleyards to sheep and cattle sales following safety concerns with the condition of the facility. An engineer's report identified risks to users.

Prior to this, at an Ordinary Meeting of Council in June 2015, the previous Council had resolved to work with neighbouring municipalities to develop a suitable regional agribusiness solution, with a view to initiating a future staged withdrawal from Saleyards operation.

At a subsequent Ordinary Meeting of Council in September 2016, the City’s Administrators resolved to reiterate the resolution of the previous Council to pursue a staged withdrawal of operations at the Geelong Saleyards, noting extensive consultation undertaken by Council officers, and that it was unforeseen that the Saleyards would close due to safety concerns before a transition plan was developed for staged withdrawal.

At this meeting the City’s Administrators requested officers undertake additional consultation for further consideration.

Following extensive stakeholder consultation at the December 2016 Ordinary Meeting of Council the City's Administrators resolved to defer repair works on the facility's cattle yards until:

  • An independent, expert local stock market analysis is prepared.
  • A full costing of cattle yard works is developed, based on a recently completed Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) audit inspection.
  • A regional agribusiness strategy is completed.

This information will be used to inform a decision on the future of the facility, including the use of cattle yards, at a Special Meeting of Council on Wednesday 2 August 2017.

The Geelong Saleyards reopened for the sale of sheep only in February 2017 following extensive renovations to bring this area up to occupational health and safety standards.

More information about the our decision and planning for the Saleyards.

Services provided

The Geelong Saleyards has provided a venue for farmers from across the region to buy and sell sheep, cattle and poultry for 150 years. Prior to its temproray closure in 2016, and permanent closure in 2017, the saleyards ran fortnightly sheep and cattle sales, and still provides a site for poultry sales every Monday (excluding public holidays).

A truck wash also operates at the saleyards, providing transporters with a local option to clean out their trucks between loads, reducing the possible spread of disease.


Avdata truck wash

To purchase a key fob to access the truck wash please call Avdata on 02 6262 8111.

Who used the Saleyards?

Of the G21 region's sotal livestock share, more than three quarters came from outside of Greater Geelong's municipal boundaries.

Operations and maintenance

The City owns and operated the saleyards on behalf of all municipal ratepayers, and is responsible for all costs, such as maintenance, staff, cleaning and security.

In the last 10 years the City has made an average loss of $171,000 per annum on operations at the Saleyards. In the last three years, the City’s losses were $194,000, $206,000 and $245,000.


The Geelong Saleyards is not listed with Heritage Victoria. However, in recognition of its heritage elements the site is covered by a City of Greater Geelong heritage overlay.

This heritage overlay means that the heritage elements of the area must be considered in any permit application for new buildings, or any demolition.

Land zoning

The saleyards facility occupies two property parcels: 125 Weddell Rd and 135 Weddell Rd, North Geelong.

The City owns the parcel at 125 Weddell Rd, which comprises the northern section of the site in the Industrial 1 Zone (IN1Z).

The parcel at 135 Weddell Rd is Crown Land. The southern section of the Saleyards occupies this site, which is in the Public Park and Recreation Zone (PPRZ).

Figure 1 - Property parcels map

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