Dieldrin testing and schools - when is testing required for schools and by whom?

As part of the process of acquiring land, the Victorian School Building Authority conducts comprehensive testing for contaminants to ensure that each site is suitable for use as a school.

Current government policy requires approval from the Victorian Government Land Monitor for all land acquisitions above a value of $750,000, and this approval process requires investigating the suitability of the land. This includes:

  • soil testing for possible contamination
  • geotechnical and topographical features investigations
  • assessment of flora and fauna and
  • archaeological or cultural heritage significance.

Soil testing is undertaken according to the EPAs guidelines for school use, which is designated as ‘sensitive’.

Soil testing addresses a number of potential risks, including contaminants harmful to human health such as organochlorine pesticides (dieldrin).

Page last updated: Wednesday, 19 January 2022