New pool safety laws

Wednesday, 27 November 2019

New safety laws for owners of pools and spas were introduced on 1 December 2019.

New laws introduced by the Victorian Government require:

  • mandatory registration of swimming pools and spas
  • a new compliance regime to improve swimming pool and spa safety.

What will be required


From 1 December 2019, property owners, including landlords will be required to register their pool or spa with Council by 1 June 2020.

We will maintain the register of swimming pools and spas within the municipality through owner registrations, existing Council records and aerial photography to ensure the data base is up-to-date.


Property owners will also be required to have their swimming pool and spa barriers inspected and certified by a registered building surveyor or a registered building inspector every 4 years. This will state whether the barrier of a swimming pool or spa complies with the applicable requirements.

These requirements vary, depending on when the pool or spa was installed.

The owner must then provide a copy of the certificate of compliance to Council by the following dates:

  • For pools and spas constructed:
    • 30 June 1994 or earlier: 30 October 2020
    • between 1 July 1994 and 1 May 2010: 30 April 2021
    • from 1 May 2010: 29 October 2021.

As the legislation is the draft phase, the above dates are subject to change. Please visit this web page regularly as it will be updated when the final regulations are passed.

For more information on safety around pools and spas, visit the Victorian Building Authority website.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 10 December 2019