Geelong Local Safety Committee Strategy

The Geelong Local Safety Committee (GLSC) is an alliance between The City of Greater Geelong, Victoria Police, State Government Departments, non government agencies and community representatives.

The GLSC has a wide membership and relies on the input of it’s members and community representatives to determine objectives and priorities.

The role of its members is to raise issues and identify strategies that achieve a safer community by:

  • Representing their agencies and networks and communicating issues back to their organisations and wider community

  • Overseeing the GLSC and monitoring outcomes

  • Providing a central conduit for information sharing

  • Researching and evaluating community safety topics and issues

  • Lobbying on local safety

The GLSC believes that through a holistic partnership approach we can make Geelong an even safer place to live, work and play by creating an integrated approach to community safety and by being responsive to community needs.  

Purpose statement for the Geelong Local Safety Committee

To improve and promote community safety throughout Greater Geelong.

Geelong Local Safety Committee Membership

Members are expected to actively influence and encourage their organisations and community groups to respond to and act on community safety issues. This involves a two way sharing of information within their own organisation as well as with the GLSC.

The membership currently comprises of community and agency representatives who are able to effect and implement change in their respective settings.
Current membership includes:

  • Geelong Taxi Network

  • Victoria Police

  • Community Representatives

  • Department of Justice and Regulation

  • City of Greater Geelong

  • Neighbourhood Watch

  • Barwon Community Legal Service

  • BATForce

  • Diversitat

  • Ambulance Victoria

  • CFA

  • Department of Health and Human Services

  • Women’s Health & Wellbeing Barwon South West

  • Minerva Community Services

  • Deakin Residential

  • Geelong Nightlife Association

  • Deakin University Students Association (DUSA)

  • Barwon Child Youth and Family

The Committee has a Terms of Reference that states the membership, chairperson arrangements and meeting structure.    

Page last updated: Tuesday, 3 October 2017