Between 1 January 2018 - 1 January 2019 there were 38 motorcycle fatalities in Victoria.

Between 1 January 2018 - 1 January 2019 there were 1492 motorcycle hospitalisations in Victoria.

Source TAC Online Crash Database

Accident Scene Management Australia (ASMA)

ASMA has been created to educate motorcyclists in prevention of injury and to standardise bystander assistance until the arrival of emergency services at a motor vehicle incident.

European Standards for Motorcycle Clothing

The European Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Directive, 1989 requires that any clothing or personal equipment sold as providing protection from injury must comply with the relevant European Standard.

Good Gear Guide

No matter what you ride - from scooter to superbike - good gear is an investment too important to ignore. It could make the difference between a nasty tumble and injuries that prevent you from riding ever again.

Motorcyclist safety

With motorcycle usage growing in popularity and motorcyclists being more vulnerable to injury than other road users, saving riders’ lives and preventing injuries remains a critical road safety challenge. This section provides safety tips for riders and motorcycles.


Here you will find a community for motorbike riders where you can access and share information and resources on rider safety, events, latest news and great rides in Victoria.

Trailbike safety

Ride Safe Ride Legal online brochure provides information for riders about choosing a suitable bike, protective equipment, licence and registration requirements, general information on where to ride and some simple riding tips.

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