Cyclists safety

Between 01 January 2018 - 1 January 2019 there were 7 bicycle fatalities in Victoria

Between 01 January 2018 - 1 January 2019 there were 561 bicycle serious injuries in Victoria.

Source TAC online crash database

Cycling statistics

Latest Census data for cycling in Geelong.


Ride with confidence - Tips for bike riders

Know the rules and best strategies to reduce your risks and ride with confidence with help from Bicycle Networks infographic poster and animation.

Important information for cyclists

Cyclists are required to obey the same road rules as drivers. However, there are some specific rules that they must also obey. Cyclists can be fined for failing to obey these rules.

Sharing paths and roads

Sharing roads and paths provides you with information about rules and safe behaviours when interacting with bicycle riders or when you are riding.

Cycling safety tips

Be seen: Wear bright coloured clothing and turn your lights on when it gets dark. When night riding make sure you have a front light and rear light.
Obey the road rules: Under the Road Rules, bicycles are considered to be vehicles and riders must obey traffic signals, stop signs and give way signs.
Be predictable: Ride evenly with no lateral movement. Make clear, early hand signals.
Take care at intersections: Make eye contact with drivers before moving ahead. At roundabouts, look for gaps in traffic and occupy the whole lane.
Ride no more than two abreast: Legally you may ride two abreast, but when the traffic is congested or on undulating roads, with unbroken white lines at bends or hills, it can be safer to ride single file.
Maintain your bike: Make sure your bicycle is adjusted properly and wheels securely fastened. Always check brakes before riding.
Stay alert: Concentrate and anticipate! Keep a lookout for obstacles in your path and be aware of the traffic around you. Warn other cyclists of impending dangers early and clearly.
Stay with in the lane: In designated bike lanes, keep your handlebars within the line, wherever possible. 
Take care on country roads: Many of the country roads featured do not have shoulders nor bike lanes. Extra caution should be taken where there are hills or at bends and at peak times.
Pass parked cars safely: Allow 1 metre clearance when riding past parked cars, and watch out for car doors opening.

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