Obtain a vehicle crossing permit

A vehicle crossing permit must be obtained before installing a new or modifying an existing vehicle crossing.

To ensure a vehicle crossing is constructed in an approved location and to our standards, and that our assets are protected from damage during construction, a Vehicle Crossing Permit must be obtained by the contractor undertaking the works.

Before applying for a permit, please contact us to book a pre-approval inspection. We will inspect the location to ensure there is enough space to construct or change a crossing, assess the impact on public safety, and ensure existing assets in the road reserve are protected.

Applicants are responsible for constructing the vehicle crossing in accordance with a permit’s conditions, and for reinstating any public assets damaged during works.

Please note: you must be a contractor who holds the Public Liability Insurance to apply for this permit.


Property owner responsibilities

A property owner may enquire about vehicle crossings, permits and requirements, but cannot apply for a vehicle crossing permit.

Property owners are responsible for engaging a suitably qualified contractor to undertake the works – the contractor must have the appropriate public liability insurance to work on public land. The contractor must be the permit applicant.

Property owners are responsible for all costs associated with constructing, extending, relocating, maintaining and removing vehicle crossings.

If the existing crossing is not suitable as an entry to your property, you may apply to relocate it. A vehicle crossing permit will include a condition for the redundant crossing to be removed and the area reinstated as a nature strip with kerb and channel.

Before constructing a new dwelling/ garage, property owners are encouraged to contact us to ensure any proposal to relocate a vehicle crossing meets our requirements.


Applicants must have public liability insurance

An applicant for a vehicle crossing permit must:

  • Be the contractor undertaking the works
  • Have public liability insurance with a minimum value of $10 million
  • Submit a Certificate of Currency for their public liability insurance when applying for a permit


We prefer a property has one vehicle crossing.
Vehicle crossings must be constructed in accordance with our location, design and construction standards. Applications and design plans must show the vehicle crossing’s proximity to existing services is:
  • at least 1m from any structure or asset (e.g. signs, trees, hydrants, light poles, etc.)
  • a minimum distance of 10m from an intersection
  • not being constructed over a drainage pit
  • designed in accordance with our preferred layout

Applications for a second vehicle crossing will consider all the matters listed above as well as:

  • impacts to on-street parking
  • access to an approved additional carport, garage or semi-circular driveway
  • applicable planning approvals


We consider proximity to services when assessing applications including existing vehicle crossings, intersections, water pump stations, water valves, fire hydrants, traffic and street signs, street parking, linemarked parking bays, stormwater drainage pipes and pits, etc.


  • Telstra assets – if a Telstra pit is located in the proposed vehicle crossing, the owner/applicant must seek approval in writing from Telstra. A copy of the Telstra approval must be submitted with the application.
  • NBN assets – vehicle crossings cannot be constructed over NBN pits.


A planning permit for a vehicle crossing may be required for:


  • Properties located in a Heritage Overlay
  • Properties abutting a TRZ 2 Zone (VicRoads road)

Please contact our Statutory Planning team on 5272 4456 with any queries.


Inspections and bookings

A minimum of two inspections are required for vehicle crossings – a pre-approval inspection and a pre-pour inspection. Additional inspections may be necessary, depending on the work required.

Bookings are required for pre-approval and pre-pour inspections. Pre-approval inspections precede an application being submitted. Pre-pour inspections precede a concrete pour.

A request for inspection requires a minimum of 24 hours’ notice prior to works being undertaken. Bookings are subject to inspector availability.

Please call us on 5272 4426 or 5272 5076 to book a pre-approval or pre-pour inspection – we will ask for:

  • The property address where the work will take place
  • The type of inspection required
  • The type of work being undertaken e.g. relocation, infill, widening, etc.
  • The vehicle crossing permit number (only for a pre-pour inspection)
  • The planning permit number (if applicable)
  • The day and time you would like an inspection (subject to inspector availability)


Request a pre-approval inspection

Before a permit application is submitted, our inspector will meet the contractor onsite to discuss the proposal, and any other matters related to vehicle crossings. Please call us on 5272 4426 or 5272 5076 to book a pre-approval inspection (a minimum of 24 hours’ notice is required).

During the inspection, we will check that there is enough space to construct the crossing, ensure nearby services will not be impacted and ensure public access and safety is not compromised.

After the inspection, we will send an email to the contractor confirming if the works have been approved and any conditions imposed on the application. The contractor is required to submit a copy of this confirmation email with the permit application.


Apply for a permit

The applicant must be the contractor who holds the public liability insurance and will be undertaking the works. The applicant must register an account then apply for a permit online.

1. Register an account

This only needs to be done once, takes a few minutes and will make future lodgements easier. You will receive confirmation within 48 hours that your registration has been processed and your account is active.


2. Apply Online

Applicants must provide the following information when applying online:

  • Property address where the works will take place
  • Contact details
  • Planning permit number and endorsed plans (if applicable)
  • Certificate of Currency for the public liability insurance
  • Confirmation email from the City stating the works that can proceed
  • Telstra approval (if applicable)
  • Payment details (fee information is available on our engineering permit fees webpage)

    Sign in to apply for a permit

Once signed in, from the ‘New Application’ dropdown menu, please select ‘vehicle crossing’ as the permit type. If you can't find the permit type, you may not be signed in. Please check the that you have signed in correctly. If you need assistance, please call our Customer Service team on 5272 5272.

3. Receive your permit
The vehicle crossing permit will be emailed to the contractor (the applicant). Works must be undertaken in accordance with the permit conditions and our design specifications, and must be constructed to our satisfaction.


Request a pre-pour inspection

Once the vehicle crossing is set-up, the contractor is required to call us on 5272 4426 or 5272 5076 to book a pre-pour inspection (a minimum of 24 hours’ notice is required). Concrete must not be poured until a pre-pour inspection has been done and the set-up has been approved.

During the inspection, we will check that the crossing has been boxed in accordance with the permit, any conditions imposed and our design specifications. After the inspection, we will call the contractor to confirm that the concrete pour can proceed.

Redundant crossings must be reinstated as kerb and channel as per the conditions on the permit.

Page last updated: Thursday, 18 April 2024