Wilsons Road, Westmoreland Street, Meadenhall Drive - Intersection upgarde

This intersection in St Albans Park is being upgraded. Works are to begin 16 May 2022 and finish 24 May 2022.

This project is funded as part of the Federal Government’s Infrastructure Program to reduce crashes on Australian roads.

The works will include upgrades to the Staggered T-intersection, signage, line marking, improved kerb returns and pram crossings and lighting.

The works will be delivered by our Construction Unit and will take approximately 7 days, weather permitting.

Emergency Services, Buses and pedestrians will have access at all times.

Traffic management and signage will be in place to assist access around the site.

Your rubbish collection will not be impacted. Please place your bin out as usual and if required staff will move your bin for collection. We’ll return your bin once it is emptied so please ensure your property number is on your bin to avoid confusion.

Thank you for your patience while we undertake these essential works.

Page last updated: Monday, 11 April 2022