Surf Coast Highway, Armstrong Creek – footpath construction

We are building a new path along Surf Coast Highway to connect Waralilly estate to the new Armstrong Creek Town Centre.

As our population grows, we are constructing more paths to better connect our communities and ensure residents can travel safely.

We will be building a new path next to the Surf Coast Highway between Warralily Boulevard and Burvilles Road by mid 2022.

We have prepared plans and are buying the land needed for the new path.  We need to wait for the Armstrong Creek Town Centre drainage works to be finished before we can start.

The developers of Warralily are building the new bridge over Armstrong Creek that will connect with our path.

There are more works being delivered in this area that will make your travel easier, safer and more enjoyable.  Some of these works are new:

  • signalised access to Burvilles Road
  • bus stop near Burvilles Road
  • pathway along Burvilles Road.

Page last updated: Thursday, 12 May 2022