Batten Road, Armstrong Creek - Road Closure

Batten Road is closed to the public between Boundary Road and Eagle Bay Road, Armstrong Creek.

Construction vehicles will use this section of road to get to and build new subdivisions along Batten Road.  This will keep most trucks off local streets.

The road will reopen when it has kerb and seal.  Developers will be building the road.

Our urban area is growing, but what happens to the old rural roads in between?

New development is rapidly reshaping our municipality and roads that once saw only a few cars a day are now carrying hundreds of vehicles.  As part of constructing new subdivisions, developers are also rebuilding the old rural roads which service their development and upgrading them to handle the increased traffic volumes.

Whilst works are underway to upgrade a number of roads in the Armstrong Creek area, it will take time to complete all upgrades and we will be managing the old rural roads in a number of ways including:

  • Increased maintenance and monitoring
  • Temporary sealing of key routes
  • Temporary closure of some unsealed roads

We have identified a number of safety issues with Batten Road, Armstrong Creek that will not be solved until further subdivision development occurs.  To maintain public safety we will be closing Batten Road between Boundary Road and Eagle Bay Road to through traffic pending further development.

Access will be maintained for abutting properties and emergency services.
Batten Road will be upgraded to a sealed standard with drainage and kerbs as part of the subdivision of adjoining properties.  We will reopen the road to public vehicle use once this upgrade has been completed.

We have asked Google Maps to show this section of road as closed.  They will now show the best way to reach properties avoiding the closed road.

Page last updated: Friday, 3 December 2021