New gravel path for Torquay Road in Charlemont

We have completed a new gravel path on Torquay Road, Charlemont, between Baanip Boulevard  and 382 Torquay Road (Barwon Health Alan David Lodge - Aged Care Complex).

We recognise the need for safe and accessible infrastructure to support our community and are delivering this project to help meet the needs of the local Charlemont community.

Torquay Road provides access to an aged care complex, bus stops, parks, recreation facilities and other community services.  As an dual lane arterial road traffic volumes are significant and provide a barrier to walking to local destinations.

We have constructed a new gravel with connecting footpath links along the east side of Torquay Road between 382 Torquay Road and Baanip Boulevard Intersection.

These works will provide improved:

  • bus stop access
  • connection for pedestrians in the area
  • safety around nearby aged care complex and parks.

Our design for this infrastructure has considered community access needs, underground and overhead services, available land and future development of the area including sealed paths.

Works were completed on 7 May 2020. 

Page last updated: Monday, 13 July 2020