Footpath construction - Jetty Road, Clifton Springs

We are constructing footpath on Jetty Road, Clifton Springs between Griggs Creek and the Clifton Springs Primary School.

We recognise the need for safe and accessible infrastructure to support our community and are delivering this project to help meet the needs of the local Clifton Springs/Curlewis community.

Jetty Road provides access to local schools, bus stops, parks, recreation facilities and other community services.  The traffic volumes on this road create a barrier to walking to local destinations.

We are constructing a missing section of footpath along the west side of Jetty Road, between Griggs Creek and the Clifton Springs Primary School.

These works will provide improved:

  • connection for pedestrians in the area
  • safety around the Clifton Springs Primary School.

Our appointed contractor, Norris Construction Group, are currently working to deliver this project during the school  holidays.  We expect that there will be some disruption whilst construction is underway but will try to minimise impacts on the public where possible.

Other missing sections of footpath along Jetty Road will be delivered over a number of years by subdivision development and Special Charge Schemes. 

Page last updated: Tuesday, 14 July 2020