Footpath and kerb construction - Collins Street

We are constructing footpath, kerb, drainage and a sealed parking lane on Collins Street inDrysdale, between Stonehouse Place and Bennett Street.

We recognise the need for safe and accessible infrastructure to support our community and are delivering this project to help meet the needs of the local Drysdale community.

Collins Street provides access to schools, bus stops, parks, recreation facilities and other community services.  As an arterial road traffic volumes are currently significant and provide a barrier to walking to local destinations.

We will be constructing kerb and channel, drainage and a sealed parking lane along the west side of Collins Street, between Stonehouse Place and Bennett Street.  A footpath will be constructed along the back of the kerb to provide safe pedestrian access.

These works will provide:

  • Improved bus stop
  • Improved water fill point access
  • Improved connection for pedestrians in the area
  • Improved safety around schools and parks

Our design for this infrastructure has considered community access needs, underground and overhead services and the existing street trees.  In balancing all requirements, we have had to make the decision to remove 6 mature street trees to allow the new infrastructure to be built and protect other trees in the reserve.  We will replace these trees as part of the project and plant additional trees to help achieve our aim of greening Geelong.

The construction of this project is by public tender and is expected to commence later this year.  We expect that there will be some disruption when construction begins but will try to minimise impacts on the public where possible.

We are currently working on designs for footpath and kerb works for the east side of Collins St south of Peppermint Grove and will deliver this as part of future works.

General layout plans, typical linemarking - enlarged view, B2 kerb section, typical cross sections, separation island - enlarged view and legend and sign schedule for Collins Street project
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Page last updated: Monday, 13 July 2020