Dust Suppression Program 2019-2020

The City will be undertaking a limited dust suppression program for the 2019-2020 summer.

A single application of dust suppression will be added to nominated roads during grading works.

The benefits of dust suppressant can be affected by high traffic volumes and low air moisture content.  We are not able to repeat the application of dust suppressant or add further roads to our program.

Roads to be treated have been chosen based on inclusion in previous dust suppression programs, traffic volume, housing density, type of material used as the road surface and extent of funding available.

Roads which have been surfaced with a blend mix material are generally ineligible for the dust suppression program as this material has natural dust suppressant properties and does not react well to the addition of dust suppressant.

We do not manage dust suppression on subdivision or private retirement village developments.  We recommend in the first instance contacting the developer or contractor where dust is an issue from these sites.  We will follow up with contractors to address dust issues where we can confirm a problem and the work is part of a subdivision where future council roads are being constructed.

Our final dust suppression program nominated for 2019-2020 is:

Suburb Road Location
Barwon Heads Taits Road End of seal to road end
Curlewis McDermott Road Coriyule Road to road end
Andersons Road Princess Street to Banks Road
Drysdale Banks Road End of seal to Andersons Road
Drysdale Bridge Street
End of seal to railway crossing
Carrs Lane Mouldens Lane to Martins Road 
Drysdale Clarendon Road
Pinnacle Way to Huntingdon Road
Drysdale Clarendon Road
Huntingdon Road to Andersons Road
Drysdale Crimea Street High Street to road end
Drysdale  Elgin Street Eversley Street to Newcombe Street
Drysdale Granville Street High Street to Elgin Street
Drysdale Huntingdon Road Princess Road to Clarendon Road
Drysdale Jones Road Bridge Street to Princess Street
Drysdale Martins Road Whitcombes Road to Murradoc Road 
Newcombe Street Princess Street to road end
Drysdale Reserve Road High Street to Bridge Street
Drysdale Scotchmans Road End of seal to Portarlington-Queenscliff Road 
Drysdale Woodville Street End of seal to Clarendon Road
Indented Heads Church Road Ibbotson Road to road end
Indented Heads Eric Street Batman Road to Valda Street
Indented Heads Helen Street The Esplanade to Jeffrey Street
Indented Heads Ibbotson Street Glenrana Drive to Church Road 
Indented Heads Jeffrey Street Batman Road to Helen Street
Indented Heads  Lewis Street The Esplanade to Ozone Street 
Indented Heads Lilkenday Avenue Valda Ave to Martin Street
Indented Heads Pigdon Street Henderson Street to The Esplanade
Indented Heads Valda Avenue Eric Street to Jeffrey Street
Lara Berice Road Constantine Drive to Mill Road
Lara Constantine Drive  Berice Drive to Glenoe Drive
Lara Glenoe Drive Constantine Drive to Mill Road
Leopold  Douglas Street  Como Road to The Avenue 
Fitzgerald Road Matthews Road to Melaluka Road 
Leopold Matthews Road
O'Halloran Road to 122-140 Matthews Road
Leopold O'Halloran Road
Melaluka Road to 50 O'Halloran Road
Leopold The Avenue Como Road to road end
Murradoc Soho Road Murradoc Road to Andersons Road
Ocean Grove Grubb Road Service Road Smithton Gr to 16 Grubb Road
Boat Road Sproat Street to Point Richards Road
Portarlington Calhoun Road The Esplanade to 150 metres south of Arlington Street
Portarlington Coatsworth Road Grassy Point Road to Queenscliff Road
Portarlington Grassy Point Road Hood Road to The Esplanade
Portarlington Harding Street Smythe Street to Willis Street 
Portarlington Tower Road Portarlington-Queenscliff Road to 280m east of Portarlington-Queenscliff Road
Portarlington Tower Road Water Tower to Sproat Street
Portarlington Willis Street Sproat Street to High Street
Portarlington Willis Street Harding Street to Brown Street
St Leonards Dossetor Road The Esplanade to road end
St Leonards  Lower Bluff Road  Bluff Road to 17 Bell Parade 
St Leonards Margaret Street Bluff Road to road end

Page last updated: Thursday, 28 November 2019