Street lighting

Street lighting is for the convenience and safety of road users and pedestrians and is maintained by Powercor on our behalf.

There are over 23,000 unmetered lights across the City of Greater Geelong that are maintained by either Powercor or Vicroads on our behalf and approximately 2,500 metered lights that are maintained by Council in reserves and along the Waterfront. 

There are three types of  lights throughout our municipality:

  1. residential street lights 

  2. Council feature lights.

  3. highway lighting on major roads and highways.

Residential street lights

Powercor is responsible for the repair of all faulty residential street lights.  Therefore residents must contact them directly to report any street lighting faults or to request any repairs.

City feature lights

We are responsible for the majority of the lights located in reserves and the Geelong Waterfront.

We have numerous lighting schemes throughout the municipality.  These are decorative and are generally found along the Waterfront and in the Mall.  They are patrolled on a regular basis for any faults.

Vicroads are responsible for repairing lights on major roads or highways.

Street lighting considerations

There are some sections of our municipality where the provision of street lighting is neither practical nor appropriate.

Street lighting is considered on the basis of Australian Standards and our own Public Street and Lighting Policy.

Our policy states that energy efficient lighting will now be considered to be installed for replacements or lighting in any existing or new residential developments.

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Page last updated: Monday, 16 November 2020