Vehicle crossing permits

A vehicle crossing permit is to be obtained prior to any works being undertaken on an existing vehicle crossing, or construction of a new vehicle crossing.

Vehicle crossings

A vehicle crossing can be described as a driveway, connecting your property to the street or road.

The area between your property boundary and the kerbside is the section that requires a permit if you wish to construct a driveway.

This section is part of the road reserve. Construction of the driveway is your responsibility as the property owner requiring vehicle access to the street.

Vehicle crossing permit regulations

Our Neighbourhood Amenity Local Law 2014, Part 4 - Business and Builders, Section 57 - Vehicle Crossings - Constructing states that a Vehicle Crossing Permit is always required when a new vehicle crossing is to be constructed or an existing crossing is to be relocated or modified.

When your property is located in a heritage overlay area, you will need to check with our Planning Department on 03 5272 4456.

Vehicle crossing inspections

If a vehicle crossing is not being installed at the existing layback or the vehicle crossing is required to be relocated or widened, a pre-inspection with one of our Works Inspectors, must be undertaken and a notice period of 24 hours applies.

As a condition of the permit you must reinstate the redundant kerb and channel back to the existing vehicle crossing/layback.

If you require an additional vehicle crossing, an on-site inspection with our Works Inspector is required.A 24 hours notice period also applies in this situation.

Permit applicants

The owner or contractor may obtain the permit.

The name of the contractor must be written on the vehicle crossing permit and a copy of the contractor’s insurance must be supplied to the Customer Service Centre staff to ensure that:

  1. Their names are placed on our Public Liability Register and

  2. The contractors carrying out the works has public liability insurance to the value of $10 million

Public liability insurance

Applicants are required to provide specific information including public liability details and construct your driveway to specific standards.

Public liability insurance ensures that the public are safe and liability for any accidents is covered by the person undertaking these construction works on your behalf.

A minimum of $10 million worth of public liability cover is required. Applicants are advised that proof of cover in the form of a Certificate of Currency is necessary before the application can be filled out on your behalf.

We keep a Public Liability Register for this purpose to make things easier for repeat applicants. Each year, a new Certificate of Currency must be supplied to us before any new applications can be lodged.

Pre-pour inspection

Once the vehicle crossing is boxed up and ready to pour as per the Inspector’s approval, another inspection is required to be carried out by our Works Inspectors to ensure that it has been constructed to our specifications and the correct materials have been used.

Our Customer Service team can help you to request a vehicle crossing inspection

Page last updated: Tuesday, 12 September 2017