Street furniture

Street furniture constitutes a very important part of our streetscape and open spaces.

Street furniture includes:

  • street signs
  • benches
  • bicycle racks
  • bollards for traffic control
  • drinking water fountains
  • seats  
  • fire plugs.

We maintain these assets on main roads, local roads, laneways, designated car parks, parks and foreshores.

We aim to deliver these services to the community whilst ensuring the requirements of Australian Standards and local government practices and specifications are met.

Read more public transport related furniture at bus or taxi stops.

Report an issue or make a request

Report vandalism, damaged road furniture, or request new road furniture:

Request furniture, structures or signs repairs

Or contact our Customer Service Team.

Fire hydrants

We are only responsible for the red fire hydrant markers.  If you wish to report a problem with a fire hydrant leaking please contact Barwon Water.

Page last updated: Monday, 27 September 2021