Works within road reserve approvals

Approval for 'Works Within a Road Reserve' must be obtained prior to any works being undertaken which affects our road based infrastructure.

This is to ensure that our road reserves are protected and reinstated to their original state after works have been carried out as required under the Road Management Act 2004.

Approval for 'Works Within a Road Reserve' is required if works are being undertaken within our road reserves, ie drainage, footpath replacement, etc and can include things such as:

  • drainage
  • footpath replacement
  • water tapping
  • drilling of bore holes
  • issues with underground cabling, etc.

Approval for 'Works Within a Road Reserve' is granted as a

  1. Works Within Road Reserve Permit where the work area is under 8.5 square metres or as a
  2. Consent for Works Within Road Reserve where the work area is over 8.5 square metres.

Permit requirements

Works Within Road Reserve Permit

Work areas under 8.5 square metres

As the permit is a duplicate form, you or your builder or contractor, will need to attend one of our Customer Service Centres in person to complete the form. You will need to provide the following information:

Please note:  Due to the current health environment the Customer Service Centres are closed and we are currently working on an electronic solution and will update when this becomes available.  However, for any information please contact our Contact Centre on 03 5272 5272.
  • A Certificate of Currency of your Public Liability Insurance to the value of $10 million
  • Details of dimensions, location and type of works
  • Relevant payment for the works to be undertaken
  • A Traffic Management Plan where pedestrians or vehicles are impacted by your work
Note: The applicant for a Works Within Road Reserve Permit will remain responsible for the reinstatement of all Council assets impacted by the work.  This responsibility cannot be reassigned to another person or company.

Consent for Works Within Road Reserve

Work areas over 8.5 square metres

A Consent for Works Within Road Reserve application will need to be lodged via our online form.

*Note: Incomplete applications or those with works proposed to commence less than 10 business days after submission will not be processed and will require re-submission meeting all requirements.

Public liability insurance

Public liability insurance ensures that the public are safe and liability for any accidents is covered by the person undertaking these construction works on your behalf.

A minimum of $10 million worth of pubic liability cover is required. Applicants are advised that proof of cover in the form of a Certificate of Currency is necessary before the application can be filled out on your behalf.

We keep a Public Liability Register for this purpose to make things easier for repeat applicants. Each year a new Certificate of Currency must be supplied before any new applications can be lodged.


Each permit is assessed on the requirements of the job, depending on location, type of work, etc.  The permit fee for work areas under 8.5 square meters must be paid at the time of application.

Permit fees for works over 8.5 square metres issued as a Consent for Works Within Road Reserve will be invoiced and mailed to the applicant with the consent.

Permit issue

If the total work area is under 8.5 square metres, you will receive the permit at the time of lodgement.

If the total work area is over 8.5 square metres  a Consent for Works Within Road Reserve will be issued by the Engineering Department once the application has been reviewed.   A minimum 10 business day processing time is to be allowed for all Consent for Works Within Road Reserve applications.

Applications submitted via email to an individual officer may not be processed within the 10 business day timeframes or may require re-submission.


Depending on the works, if you require an inspection, please contact us on 03 5272 4426.  Bookings must be made at least 24 hours before inspection is required.

Vehicle crossings

If you are planning on constructing a vehicle crossing then you will need to obtain approval by a Council Inspector and a vehicle crossing permit.

Page last updated: Thursday, 28 May 2020