Road reseal program

Roads in our municipality require resealing when road usage results in wear and tear.

Our reseal program identifies roads that requiring resealing each financial year.


Our reseal program is carried out between November and April each year. All works are weather permitting.


Roads requiring resealing are progressively identified and assessed for this maintenance process.

The proposed roads for resealing in 2021-2022 are listed below. The contract for this financial year's program has been awarded to Sprayline Road Services. The works will commence in late February 2022 and be completed by the end of March 2022. Actual proposed sealing dates for each site will be updated when these are known. All dates are subject to weather permitting.

Note: Program is subject to budgetary constraints. If necessary some roads may be postponed until the following financial year.
Town Road Proposed reseal date Status
Balliang Little River-Ripley Road (Bacchus Marsh Road to Culvert)  28 March 2022  Completed
Bell Post Hill Creamery Road (Ballan Road to car park exit)  19 March 2022  Completed
Hamlyn Heights  Sladen Street (Chaucer Street to Hamlyn Avenue)  April 2022  
Herne Hill Bakewell Street McCurdy Road to Church Street)  28 February 2022  Completed
Cole Street (Matlock Street to Church Street)  28 February 2022  Completed
Matlock Street (McCurdy Road to Bakewell Street)  1 March 2022  Completed
Maurice Street (McCurdy Road to end)  3 March 2022  Completed
Rix Street (McCurdy Road to Bakewell Street)  3 March 2022  Completed
Lara Flinders Avenue (Windermere Road to Melrose Street)  17, 22 & 23 March 2022  Completed
Flinders Avenue (Windermere Road to Branch Road)  18 March 2022  Completed
Mill Road (Plains Road to Farrars Road)  6 April 2022  Completed
Mill Road (Walkers Road to Plains Road)  24 March + 6 April 2022  Completed
Little River Little River-Ripley Road (Culvert to You Yangs Road)  21 March 2022  Completed
Drysdale Road (Little River-Ripley Road to end of seal)  11 March 2022  Completed
You Yangs Road (End of asphalt to Bridge)  5 April 2022  Completed
Ocean Grove
Asbury Street East (Presidents Avenue to Karri Close)  8 April 2022  Completed
Epworth Street (Presidents Avenue to Eggleston Street)  16 March 2022  Completed
Wallington Dawn Place (Orchard Crescent to end)  15 March 2022  Completed
Grigg Court (Orchard Crescent to end)  4 March 2022  Completed
Malpas Drive (Rhinds Road to Arrigo Drive)   15 March 2022  Completed
McAllister Court (Malpas Drive to end)   15 March 2022  Completed
Mirranda Court   4 March 2022  Completed
Moorookyle Crescent (Orchard Crescent to Mirranda Court)   4 March 2022  Completed
Orchard Crescent (Wallington Road to Arrigo Drive)   15 March 2022  Completed
Wambindi Court (Mirranda Court to end)  4 March 2022  Completed

Reseal dates will be continually updated on this page when finalised with the contractor.

Legislative requirements

We adhere to the Road Management Act 2004 at all times.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 19 April 2022