Kerbside numbering

Kerbside numbering can provide an additional way for friends and emergency services to find your house.

Property owners must display the street number of their property, inside their property in a position that is easily visible from the street. 

Property owners may choose to also install their street number on the kerb in addition to their property.  Kerbside numbering may aid visitors and emergencies services looking for a property.  Putting street numbers on the kerb is optional.

Kerbside numbers display your property/street number in white paint on a black or blue background on the vertical surface of the kerb.

Ongoing maintenance and replacement of the kerb number will be the responsibility of individual property owners.


Installing kerbside numbers

We have guidelines and specifications on the correct way to install your house or street number on the kerb side. Authorised contractors hold a permit to undertake this work and are bound to operate in accordance with Council standards. Permits are issued for a period of 12 months.

Please ask for a copy of the permit number and a contact name/phone number from all contractors offering to do kerb numbering. If you are not sure or they won't provide a permit number, don't agree to the work.


Kerbside numbering permits

Contractors must apply to us for a permit to paint your street number on the kerb side and must follow:

  • Kerbside Numbering - Guidelines and Specification - December 2021

Permits can be obtained online or at the Brougham St Customer Service Centre on presentation of current:

  • Registration of Business
  • ABN
  • Public Liability Insurance Certificate for $10million

Permit costs

A Minor Works Within Road Reserve Permit is required to undertake kerb side numbering. Permits are valid for 12 months and are code MINW02.

Available contractors

Contractor Contact details Permit expiry
Victorian Numbering Services James Sannos
0415 190 058
30 May 2023

If the contractor is not listed above they do not hold a current permit to work on roads within the City.

Page last updated: Monday, 23 May 2022