City in a Park

A City in a Park is a vision for improving the amenity of Central Geelong through greening the City.  

The project will transform the city into a City in a Park through a series of landscaping improvements.

A City in a Park builds upon the Malop Street green spine concept, which will link Johnstone Park to Eastern Park, expanding the network of green spaces across the central city area.

The project implements the Greening Geelong initiative of the Central Geelong Action Plan. The Myers Street Unifying Works are the first project to implement the City in a Park principles.

Why focus on streets?

The city centre has several formal parks and gardens, however the majority of public space across is in the streets.

Streets are important not only as a way to move around, but are the focus of day-to-day life in the city. Streets reflect the identity of a place and the character of cities, which can form the basis of a strong sense of community pride.

Enhancing the look and feel of the city is a key driver for improving its amenity and liveability. By delivering a series of street upgrades and greening projects we will create an environment that supports residential living and business growth, enabling us to achieve the goal of more people in the City, more of the time.

City in a Park focuses on streets to deliver social, economic and environmental benefits to the City, including:

  • creating a safer and more attractive walking and cycling environment

  • improved amenity for residential living

  • a better environment to do business within

  • a place that people feel better connected to and that offers a better space to socialise in

Further investigations including drainage and transport studies will now be undertaken to resolve the technical aspects of projects, as well as informing the development of a rolling capital works program for Central Geelong.

A City in a Park was undertaken by Professor Rob Adams (City of Melbourne) and Steve Thorne (Design Urban), enabling us to tap into knowledge of the lessons learned from Melbourne’s hugely successful revitalisation.

We welcome feedback on A City in a Park. Please submit comments via the form on this page.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 19 December 2017