Palm trees reused in Green Spine botanic walk

Tuesday, 26 September 2017 9:28 AM

This week will see the first of 51 trees planted in the Malop Street Green Spine as the botanic walk starts to take shape.

Included in the plantings will be two palm trees removed from Moorabool Street to make way for a permanent loading bay for postal and bank deliveries in the area.

Other species of trees being planted this week include Illawarra Flame trees, Crepe Myrtle, Golden Ash, Fairview Flame Maple and Dwarf Magnolias.

Malop Street will transform with over 2400 trees, shrubs, ground covers and other accent plants added in stage 1 of the Green Spine.

The Green Spine vision is to eventually link Johnstone Park with Eastern Gardens along the length of Malop Street with the continuation of this spectacular 8 metre wide botanic walk.

The south side of stage 1 of the Green Spine is due for completion by 3 November.

Doctor Kathy Alexander - Administrator Chair 

The City’s construction crews have arranged to transplant the two palm trees to the Green Spine, saving the cost of purchasing new trees.

The coming weeks will be an exciting time for the Green Spine project as the botanic walk starts to emerge, and I encourage people to continue to visit the works area to see the transformation and support local businesses in the process.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 26 September 2017