Central Geelong Arts and Cultural Masterplan

The Revitalising Central Geelong Action Plan includes a Smart City initiative which proposes stronger integration and greater diversity of health, education and cultural land uses. 

The Arts and Cultural Masterplan addresses this by outlining ways facilities within the cultural precinct can be better linked through design.

The Arts and Cultural Masterplan builds on initial consultation with key stakeholders to respond to key issues and opportunities for the precinct:

  • Create a distinctive character for the precinct through streetscape treatments.
  • Increase the number of plants and trees in the precinct through garden beds and green walls on buildings.
  • Include more art in the area through projects and installations on walls.
  • Provide opportunities for street based arts and cultural events.
  • Include signage to connect the precinct with the CBD and beyond.


Page last updated: Monday, 5 February 2018