Respite care

Our respite services provide support for carers of frail-aged people or persons with a disability.

Respite allows people to take a break from their caring roles for social interaction, health care, shopping, study, paying bills, leisure, relaxation, etc.

Respite also provides enjoyable activities for the person being cared for.

Types of respite

Respite can take many different forms according to the needs of individuals and services available. It can be provided in your home or in the local community.

Respite availability

Our Respite service is tailored to meet your needs and the day/s & time/s are set out within your individual care plan.

Respite programs 

  • Independence / life skills
  • Recreation / outings
  • Structured programs

Community Care Workers can monitor, supervise, or assist with medication as part of respite/personal care duties in accordance with the Community Care's Personal Care Protocols.

Respite is not available for care of children from other households.

Mobility and transfer assistance

An Occupational Therapist may be needed to assess the level of assistance for hoist lifts and transfers.

Respite fees

Service costs will be discussed at the time of your assessment. If you are late returning home you may be charged the actual cost of service per hour or part thereof.

Your responsibilities

24 hours notice must be provided for cancellation of a respite booking.  

Community Care Workers need access to a toilet and refreshment facilities.

Where an activity is requested which would incur expenses to a Community Care Worker, the cost of such expenses will need to be paid by you.

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Page last updated: Tuesday, 2 November 2021