Drysdale Resource Recovery Centre

Residents dropping off material for recycling should pre-sort the material into the different categories prior to arrival.

Residents can drop off the following items for recycling at the Drysdale Resource Recovery Centre at no cost:

  • paper- recycled by GT Recycling
  • cardboard (excluding any cardboard container designed to hold liquids such as coffee cups, milk or juice cartons) recycled by GT Recycling
  • aluminium and metal cans - recycled by SIMS Metal
  • glass bottles and jars (no lids) - recycled by the Alex Fraser Group.
  • mixed plastics numbered 1,2,4 and 5 - recycled by Advanced Circular Polymers.
Operating hours 8:00am to 4:15pm
Location Becks Road (off Murradoc Road in Drysdale)
Closed Christmas Day, New Year's Day and Good Friday
Contact number 03 5251 2935


Waste Disposal
From 1 July 2019
Car Boot
Vans (per cubic metre)
Single axle trailers (waterline)
Tandem Trailers (waterline) ... (minimum)
Utilities (heaped)
Single axle trailers (heaped) … (minimum
Tandem Trailers (heaped) … (minimum)
Single axle trailers (caged) up to 1.5 cubic metres
Tandem Trailers caged up to 3.0 cubic metre
Caged heaped
Single axle trailers (caged heaped) up to 2 cubic metres
Tandem Trailers (caged heaped)up to 4 cubic metres
Car tyres
Car tyres on rims
Truck tyres
Mattresses (any size)
All fees are GST inclusive
EFTPOS facilities are available
No charge for domestic quantities of:
• Aluminium and steel cans
• Car batteries
• Clean Cardboard and paper (0.5 cubic metre maximum) is being recycled
• Computers and accessories
E-Waste items
• Household batteries
• Gas BBQ bottles (up to 9 kilograms)
• Hot water services
• Motor oil - can only accept a maximum of 30 litres in any one transaction of any motor oil. These need to be in maximum of 5 litre containers.

• Paint and paint tins (domestic quantities of paint - up to 30 litres in one transaction)

• Rigid plastic items such as outdoor chairs
• Scrap metal and metal items such as motor mowers
• Televisions
• Tools
• White goods – empty fridges, ovens, dryers and dishwashers
Visit the Geelong Resource Recovery Centre to drop off these items for free:
• Electrical appliances such as kettles, hair dryers and toasters
• Fluorescent tubes
• Household batteries
• Paint and paint tins
• Polystyrene

Use our recycling guide to find your recycling options for other items.

Please note

  • Hazardous liquid or chemical waste is not accepted at Drysdale Landfill and Resource Recovery Centre.

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Page last updated: Tuesday, 28 January 2020