Council Consents For Precautions Over a Street

You will need a Council Consent and Street Occupation Permit to occupy any part of the footpath, nature strip or road/laneway outside the property.

Note: You may require a Full or Partial Road Closure Permit from Traffic Engineering.

Where excavation, construction work or demolition work is carried out adjacent to a street or laneway, barriers must be installed to protect the public from danger.

These barriers cannot be erected outside the property boundary unless Council consent is obtained.


The purpose of Precautions over a street is to encourage construction activity within the City of Greater Geelong while at the same time:
  • minimising the risk of injury to the public
  • controlling nuisance around Sites
  • improving the quality of temporary structures in the city


The requirements for Precautions over a Street apply to all construction sites within the boundaries of the City of Greater Geelong.

Note: Whilst similar principles may apply to the protection of adjoining private property, such protection does not form part of these requirements.


Pursuant to Council’s local laws a person must not without first obtaining a permit from the Council:
  • erect a hoarding, gantry, scaffolding or site shed on or over a road
  • occupy or fence off part of a road or road reserve
  • operate a crane, hoist, lift or tackle on or above a road


When planning for precautions to be erected over the road, the user should consider factors such as:
  • details of how the building is designed to be erected or demolished
  • width of footpath and extent of hoarding intrusion required
  • location of services and access to service hatches, hydrants, etc
  • pedestrians access including disabled access and pram access
  • obstructions such as street furniture, trees, bus stops, signage, power poles, parking meters including if necessary any temporary relocation proposed
  • signage, lighting, pedestrian barriers
  • duration of protection required
  • structural strength and stability of temporary structures proposed


An application for Precaution to be installed over a street should be submitted with sufficient information. This should include the following:

  • site plan, showing all footpath or roadway details, Location of service hatches, fire hydrants, trees, parking meters, power poles, street furniture, and building or site access should be marked on the plan
  • architectural and Structural plans, sections and elevations to a scale of 1:100 including all necessary dimensions
  • duration of temporary work
  • the stipulated Council Consent fee
  • evidence of a Public liability policy indemnifying the City of Greater Geelong and prior to issue of the Council Consent completion of an indemnity in favour of the Council

General requirements

  • The size and shape of all hoardings erected on Council property must be to the satisfaction of Council
  • Hoardings are to be designed to withstand loads with counterweights as necessary to prevent overturning. Where required hoardings are to suitably guarded by barriers to prevent vehicle impact
  • A minimum clear access of 1500mm will be required for pedestrians
  • Where pedestrians are to directed via a particular path incorporating the roadway a Traffic Management Plan is required from a qualified person

Temporary road closures

Note that subject to the approval of Council’s Traffic Engineering section, certain works may require a temporary road closure or lane closure may be the only practical method for protection works. In this case, notification of at least 10 working days is required for Council approval: 
  • adequate signage and barricades will be required. Where adjoining building occupants could be inconvenienced by the road closure, the user should notify affected people in advance and may be required to provide an alternative safe access way

Street Occupation Permits

Upon issue of Council Consent for Precautions over a Street a Street Occupation Permit must be taken out.

At this stage Council calculate the fee for the area and time occupied. Fees can be added to at a later stage should works extend beyond original forecast.

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