Recycling by re-gifting

It may seem like a cheeky option, but re-gifting is great for the environment!

To avoid an embarrassing faux pas like re-gifting to the original gifter or gifting an expired food item follow these regifting do’s and don’t:


  • re-gift unused items - no-one wants the hot air popcorn popper you tried just once
  • unwrap the original gift completely and check inside, you just might find a ‘to/from’ tag or something else you need to remove
  • pop a sticky note with the gifter’s name on any gift you get that you might consider re-gifting - that way you’re sure to remember who gave it to you and you’ll avoid any potentially embarrassing situations
  • check the contents to ensure everything is inside - it’s possible you’ve forgotten using part of the gift
  • make sure the original gifter and the new recipient don’t know each other - you don’t want those two comparing notes
  • look the gift over for personal inscriptions - you might not expect that photo frame to be inscribed from your co-worker but you might be in for a surprise
  • keep the re-gifting a secret - unless you are hosting a re-gifting party no one needs to know.


  • re-gift from a store that is no longer in business - a price tag bearing the name of the department store that closed up shop two years ago is a dead giveaway
  • re-gift perishable food items but if you must at least check the expiration date
  • just stick on a new bow and go, you must re-wrap the gift completely - you’re re-gifting the gift not the gift wrap
  • re-gift an item you never would have thought to buy for the new recipient anyway - if you would have gotten them the DVD set of season one of Revenge then re-gift it, but if they’ve never expressed an interest in the show then forget it
  • re-gift handmade items - a scarf or a cork trivet made just for you is something you should try to use or at least pass along to someone who will, just not under the guise of it being a gift
  • re-gift freebies like the company logo water bottle or computer mouse - those are obvious and unwanted re-gifts.

Page last updated: Thursday, 28 May 2020