Recycling paper and cardboard

Paper and cardboard can be recycled and used again in other paper products.

The more we recycle these items the less we need to use natural resources to manufacture new products. It also uses less energy and water in manufacturing.

Paper, magazines and cardboard products all go in your yellow bin.

Remember to move any plastic covering from the magazine before putting it in the recycling bin.

What does recycled paper and newspaper become?

Newspapers can be recycled into egg cartons, game boards, new newspapers, gift boxes, animal bedding, insulation and packaging material.

Office paper is recycled into paper towels, tissue paper and toilet paper. Corrugated cardboard becomes new cardboard and cereal boxes.

Recycling shredded paper

Put shredded paper in a large paper bag, old envelope or cardboard box and then place in the recycling bin. This will ensure it is contained and will not clog the recycling machinery.

Recycling confidential documents

Some people have concerns about putting confidential documents into the recycling bin. If you do, remove any personal data such name and address and place the rest of the documents in the recycling bin.

Use our recycling guide to find recycling options for a wide range of items.

Page last updated: Thursday, 31 January 2019