Rethink your shopping

Recycling starts in the supermarket aisle with the types of products you select and packaging they come in.

Packaging serves a range of useful purposes, from protecting food and other goods to providing information about the product inside.

Although we have no control over the type of package, we have a choice about what we take home - and what will end up in our recycling bin.

So while you’re wheeling the trolley around the aisles you can minimise your recycling needs by:

  • choosing items with minimal or no packaging
  • avoiding buying products with excessive, multi-layer packaging
  • buying products in bulk. This will minimise packaging and save you money
  • buying refills instead of products in new packaging
  • washing and reusing plastic plates, bowls and cutlery.

Use our recycling guide to find disposal options for different items.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 20 July 2021