Recycling in the bathroom

The kitchen may be the main source of household recycling. However the bathroom with its high supply of aerosol cans and plastic bottles offers a rich source for your recycling.

These common bathroom items can go in your recycling bin.


  • bottles and jars - remove lids and place both in the recycling bin


  • boxes (cardboard)
  • cartons
  • tissue boxes
  • toilet paper rolls


  • medicine bottles
  • shampoo/conditioner bottles
  • soap pump bottles
  • vitamin bottles

Remove all lids


  • aerosol spray cans (for example: deodorant, hair spray, air freshener)


Return out-of-date and unwanted medicines to your local pharmacy and make your home a safer place.

Known as the Return Unwanted Medicines (RUM) Project, the national scheme provides for unwanted and out-of-date medicines to be collected by community pharmacies from consumers.

The medicines are then disposed of by high temperature incineration, which is the EPA approved method of disposal.

For more details visit the RUM Project website.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 27 April 2021