Give your old computer a second life

You might be surprised at just how much can be recycled in your old computer.

Valuable metals including gold and copper are found in high volume in computers.

Both are prized for their conductivity and resistance to corrosion, with gold being almost entirely corrosion-resistant.

Power cords also contain plenty of reusable copper.

Plastic is reusable too. High-impact polystyrene is often used in computer and external drive casings, and often makes up most of your mouse and keyboard.

This useful material can be recycled into a number of items, such as insulation, packaging, casings, and even plastic eating utensils.

Recycling polystyrene makes good financial sense for manufacturers too; with oil prices rising, used polystyrene is a less-expensive resource for making new plastic parts.

By recycling your computer, not only can you help salvage all of these reusable materials, but you can also stop hazardous substances, such as lead and mercury, from leaching into the environment.

Drop off old computer equipment and accessories for free at our Drysdale Resource Recovery Centre or Geelong Resource Recovery Centre.

Page last updated: Thursday, 27 January 2022