Drop off options for recycling fluorescent lights

Energy saving lights and other compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) and tubes contain a small amount of mercury. To dispose of them safely - they need to be recycled.

To recycle these lights - drop them off at our Geelong Resource Recovery Centre.

There is no charge for domestic quantities.

What happens to recycled lights?

  • Aluminium from the tube ends is separated and recycled into new aluminium products such as drink cans.
  • Glass is recycled into glass wool for home insulation batts.

  • The mercury is distilled from the powders then re-used in the manufacture of dental amalgam.

  • Phosphor powder is used to manufacture agricultural fertilizer.

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To dispose of incandescent globes - wrap them in paper and placed in your household rubbish bin.

Page last updated: Monday, 25 November 2019